She of the Public Fangasms (deathlyh7212007) wrote in as_pof_fic,
She of the Public Fangasms

On the possibility of Deus Ex Machina.

Hola, dear readers.

I have been thinking about where to take my slowly-spiraling-nowhere fic next. A thought came to me: wouldn't it be funny (and kind of sad in a way) if everyone but Harry Potter dies as a result of the Wizard Apocalypse, truly making Harry the Boy Who Lived? :P

I would love to do that, but wouldn't that be depressing?

Expect Chapter Eleven (which may or may not feature a cameo by Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor) in X weeks or months. (X meaning some number that may or may not exist on this plane of existance.)
Tags: update, wizard apocalypse

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