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Chapter 9.5?!

More of a drabble than anything else, I just felt like writing something that ships Harry/Luna that IS part of the story.

Also, I've seen Twilight TWICE

Chapter Nine and a Half

Something from Snape’s Side of the Story

Professor Severus Snape hurried down the corridors of Hogwarts, greasy black hair whipping in the breeze. He was sweating profusely, and his mind was set on one thing... er, person: Thaddeus Titus Wigglesworth.
As Snape rushed up the staircase to the Ancient Wizarding Rituals/Study Hall classroom, he muttered Orchideous to make a bouquet of flowers, and Accioed a box of chocolates from an unsuspecting Hufflepuff’s dorm. I better impress him or I might just cut myself, thought Snape.
He opened the door of the classroom, and his jaw dropped.
On the purple velvet rug sat Harry Potter, his former enemy; and Care of Magical Creatures teacher Luna Lovegood; they were kissing passionately while Harry ripped his marriage papers in miniscule pieces and burned them with Incendio.
“What the hell are you doing, Mr. Potter?” bellowed Snape, dropping his box of chocolates and flowers in shock.
Harry broke his embrace with Luna and fixed his glasses, which were askew.
“Snape?...I-I thought you were dead....and this is my good friend, Luna Lovegood, you remember her, right?” Now Harry was sweating nervously.
“Oh, we were just kissing, that’s all–“
“Shut up, Luna!” Harry interjected.
“I can’t believe this.... a teacher in a relationship with an Auror, and both of you are married?” Snape was getting very twitchy.
“I literally just divorced from Ginny,” said Harry flatly.
“And I’m not really interested in my husband anymore,” replied Luna truthfully.
Snape picked his jaw back up from off the floor and retrieved his flowers and chocolates.
“No matter. Have you seen Prof. Wigglesworth by any chance? I need to deliver some... erm.... gifts to him.”
“He’s out at the Quidditch pitch, watching the Slytherin/Ravenclaw game. He’s impossible to miss; he’s wearing the giant squawking raven hat I made him,” answered Luna brightly.
“Thank you, Miss Lovegood. I will see you at dinner.”
Snape rushed out of the room, and as he did, Harry and Luna laughed.
“What the hell has Snape been smoking?” laughed Harry.
“I don’t know, but whatever it is, I want some,” said Luna.
Harry stared at her briefly, and then he resumed kissing her.
Tags: drabble, harry/luna, update

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