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Chapter Nine already? Holy crap!

Yup, chapter nine is here, and it brings a certain hero to Hogwarts as a guest. With a new spell to be learned, and new friends to be made, this chapter is a great follow-up to the previous chapter, which some people (including me) proclaimed as my best.

Chapter Nine

Golden Orbs and Golden Moments

The next day was Albus’ first Defense Against The Dark Arts class.
“So, who teaches DAtDA here?” questioned Albus to his brother and Scorpius. They were all walking to class together.
“Even I don’t know, and I’m a second year!” replied James.
“Maybe it’s a new teacher,” said Scorpius, smirking.
Eventually, the threesome found the classroom. They opened the door and found-
“Dad!” squealed Albus.
Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, the Chosen One, the Savior of Hogwarts, Head of the Auror Department at the Ministry, was standing in the doorway of the classroom, brandishing his famous phoenix-holly wand and smiling. Even at age 37, he still was as handsome as he was 19 years earlier, with his jet black hair and pure green eyes shining in the light, his legendary scar still visible from under his messy bangs.
“Al! James! How nice to see you!” Harry said warmly, hugging his sons. “Hello, Scorpius. How is Gryffindor treating you?”
“Fine, sir,” replied Scorpius calmly.
“Dad! What are you doing in our DAtDA classroom? Shouldn’t you be at the Ministry fighting evil?” asked Albus, letting go of his father.
“Meh...Kingsley said I could take a few days off to teach you guys,” replied Harry. “He said I needed a break anyway.”
“That’s fantastic, Dad!” said James, releasing his grip from his dad’s torso.
“So, I guess we should get started. The rest of the class is here, so sit anywhere you’d like,” said Harry.
The three boys sat down next to each other, and waited eagerly for their teacher, who happened to be the greatest wizard of the time, to begin.
“Now, then,” started Harry, pulling out his wand and conjuring dummies for everyone to practice spells on, “today, we are going to learn a spell that I created for fighting dark wizards. This is not exactly a simple spell, but I am going to teach you the incantation. Repeat after me: Auratus Pulsatio!” Harry slashed at the air, and out of his wand burst a glowing golden orb of light. Harry pointed at a dummy and stabbed the air with his wand, and the orb blasted toward the dummy. When the orb made contact, it filled with golden light, and promptly fell to the floor, knocked out cold.
“Now you try,” prompted Harry. Harry walked around the room and watched the students try his spell.
“Good, very good, Hugo.” “Great form, Rose!” “Nice try, Polly.” “Try a bit harder on the release, Scorpius.”
Finally, he came to his two sons. “Go for it, James,” said Harry.
James focused his eyes on the dummy, and slashed the air.
Auratus Pulsatio!
Harry watched joyfully as his son’s golden orb charged into the dummy, and as the dummy fell to the floor, he patted his son on the back. “Fantastic, James!”
Now it was Albus’ turn.
“Don’t worry, Al. Just do the best you can,” said Harry, and stood back to watch.
Albus nodded, and waved his wand with perfect precision.
Auratus Pulsatio!” shouted Albus, and hurled the orb at the dummy with such power that when it hit, the dummy exploded, showering sparks of gold onto father and son. Harry rushed over to Albus and gave him a crushing hug.
“That was IMMACULATE, Albus, simply immaculate!” cried Harry, embracing his son tightly.
“Thanks, Dad,” said Albus quietly, and broke the hug to run to Polly, who was sitting in the back of the room. Her hair was sage green again, her eyes a smoky blue.
“How’d I do, Polly?” asked Albus breathlessly, running up to Polly.
“Simply wonderful, Albi. I love you,” whispered Polly, and kissed him in front of the whole class- and Albus’ dad, who looked on admiringly.
Al’s got himself a girlfriend- that’s so great! He’s the best son anyone could have, thought Harry, and smiled, watching his son and Polly’s embrace through his misty, black wire-frame glasses.
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