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At long last....CHAPTER SEVE(RUS)N

This chapter is well worth the wait. A Gerard Butler joke, a tragic hero, a house-elf who worships a certain Grimmauld Place resident, Alan Rickman, and some dried blood + a couple weeks (or is it months?) =

Chapter Seven

House-elves, A Tragic Hero, and a strange gesture

Breakfast was over and soon Albus went back up to the common room to get his things together. The book his dad sent him was coincidentally the textbook needed for Wigglesworth’s class. As he was about to leave, a rumbling and a splintering of wood disrupted him. As Albus turned, he saw a house-elf wearing a miner hat climb out of a drill dozer. “Pardon me Sir, but are you Albus Severus?” said the house-elf. “Yeah.....and who are you?”
“I am Tynker, Sir. Tynker the House Elf. I am here to alert Albus of a dire situation-“
“What is it? I need to get to my class....”
“Well....,Master....may I call you Master?”
“Master.... Gerard Butler won a Grammy for Best New Artist!
“NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” shouted Albus. “...Wait a sec.... WHAT?”
“Sorry, Master....I meant to say that....there is a BODY in the Shrieking Shack!”
“And how does this have anything to do with me going to class?”
“Well.....hop in and I’ll tell you,” said the house-elf sharply. With caution, Albus clambered into the drill dozer, which magically fit both he and the elf. With a groan, the drill dozer found its way back into the tunnel it created, and soon Albus and Tynker were speeding along a damp and earthy passageway. “Now then,” said Tynker, “I am sure you know house-elves before meeting me, yes?”
Albus hesitated. What a chatty elf! he thought. “Well, yeah....every holiday I go with my mum and dad to Grimmauld Place to spend time with Kreacher-“
“K-K-Kreacher? You know Kreacher?”
“Yeah...” Albus was amused at Tynker’s reaction.
“He is a GOD among house-elves! The story of his heroics during the Battle of Hogwarts is still being sung by elven folk today!”
“OK....” This slightly freaked out Albi.
“Anyway,” continued Tynker, “Tynker has alerted you about this body because it reminds Tynker of someone from the Battle of Hogwarts and Tynker thought Master Albus would care to see it....”
“Erm....OK, then. I guess this does sound sort of cool.” A body? Cool! I’ll totally tell Dad about this! Albus was starting to warm to Tynker; he may have been chatty, but something about him made him endearing.
A sudden crash stopped Al’s train of thought. “Well...we’re here. I’ll wait here in case anything goes awry,” said Tynker.
Al climbed out of the dozer and entered a dank passageway which led to a half-destroyed staircase which led into the Shack. He carefully climbed the stairs, which seemed to crumble ever so slightly when he stepped on them. Eventually he got to the inside of the Shack. Gray and forlorn, the Shack was empty, save for what Tynker had told Albi. A man’s body lay in a pool of dried blood, eyes black as pitch, with long, greasy, black hair covering his face, which had a hooked nose like a hawk. A serious-looking gash on the side of his neck was coated in dried blood, which appeared to have been caused by snakebite.
Albi was curious, and wondering if the man was dead or merely unconscious, he went over to him and kicked him....many times.
“Wake up, wake up, wake up!” Al grunted impatiently, every kick accentuated with a repeat of ‘wake up!’ “What else to do.....” Albus thought what to do, and eventually he resorted to using a trick he learned from his brother. He put his thumb to his nose, and waggled his four other fingers in a cocky manner. “Wikki wikki wikki! Wikki wikki wikki!” That seemed to do the trick, as the now-conscious man rolled over so he faced the boy and murmured something.
“What did you say?” Al leaned closer to the greasy-haired man.
“I’m not yet dead.....” groaned the man. His voice sounded like Muggle actor Alan Rickman. His head looked up at Al’s eyes, which brought back a memory in the man, and he uttered a scream, which Al returned.
(This went on for about 4 minutes.)
“Well, I am a Potter. Albus S. Potter. And you are?”
“I am Professor Snape, Headmaster of Hogwarts School and former Potions Teacher and Head of Slytherin House. What’s the S. stand for, boy?” Snape sound rather impatient.
“The S. stands for Severus, sir.”
“S-S-S-Severus?” Snape was awestruck.
“Yeah. I’m named after a teacher from when my dad went here. Did you know him? His name is Harry James Potter-“
“Your old ‘enemy?’ Then....I guess it’s pretty obvious that I’m your middle name’s namesake. long was I asleep? I need to get back to heading the school. Is Voldemort dead? Are the Death Eaters gone?” Snape was being twitchy. He sounded like he hadn’t gone to an anger management class in a long time.
“Yeah....they’ve been gone for 19 years now. And you can’t be head now.....we already have a headmaster. Come on....I better take you to the castle.” Albus was awestruck. He was finally meeting his namesake, at long last.
“Alright, then. Hoist me up. For saving me, I award ten trillion house points to....what house are you in, Potter Jr.?”
“Gryffindor, sir.”
“Then ten trillion points to Gryffindor!” This was out of character for the Half-Blood Prince. He never liked Gryffindors at all. He pondered the fact that the snakebite may have altered his personality, and slowly, with the aid of his new Gryffindor friend, was assisted down the stairs and towards Tynker and the waiting drill dozer.
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